Know your visitors completely with our web chat panel's intuitive live chats map. Hover over any visitor to see essential real-time information, including name, email, country, chat history, browser and referring URL. Initiate conversations with your hottest leads. Filter visitors by country, web activity, chat status and more.

Real time visitor tracking

proactive chat

Proactive chat greetings

Send a personalized greeting automatically based on visitor location, URL or the time spent on a page. Welcome your visitors with greetings and turn them into customers and improve customer satisfaction.

Pre-chat surveys

Collect the visitor name, email address and a brief message to help you get started. Identify existing customers using our app integrations and amaze visitors by being up-to-date on their customer history.

Pre chat survey

Answer chats from any device

Take chats and calls from your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile. Use our mobile optimized webchat panel or answer directly from your mobile device. With ClickDesk, you'll never miss a live opportunity.

Chat themes

Keystroke previews

Read your visitors' minds

Our unique chat software includes a powerful Keystroke Previewthat lets you see what visitors type before they send it over. Understand your visitors more completely, anticipate their helpdesk questions, negotiate better and close more sales.

Chat in 90+ languages

Use our translation feature while chatting with visitors in any language. When a visitor posts a message in a language other than your own, just click on it and the message is translated right in the webchat window.

chat in different languages

Mobile chat app

Mobile App for Online Support

Put the power of ClickDesk in your hands with a streamlined Android app you can use on the go. Install the mobile live chat app today and start taking chats and managing helpdesk tickets from your smartphone or tablet.

Beautiful & Customizable

Choose the customizable theme that suits your site. Mix and match from a range of colors and icons.

Language Localization

Localize ClickDesk widget into the language your web visitors would like to communicate.

Real-time File Sharing

Share documents, photos and presentations over chat with our file sharing feature.

Simultaneous Chats

Chat with up to 5 customers simultaneously from our intuitive webchat panel.


Save common answers and replies as shortcuts. Answer FAQs with a single click during chatting with visitors.

Offline Support

ClickDesk automatically sends offline chats to the in-built helpdesk so you can handle them easily as tickets.

Chat history and transcripts

Browse through your previous communication with a visitor using chat histories. Send chat communication via email as a transcript. Filter your history via agent, country, message and more.

chat transcripts

Measure agents performance

Agent performance

Our chat software is all about improving agent performance. Easily track agent activity, including number of chats received, handled chats and missed chats. See which agent deserves a raise and who needs more training. Grow your company by offering the best live support in your industry.

Email reports

Be on top of your business with chat and agent performance reports delivered straight to your inbox. Customize notifications and constantly improve your live support.

Email reporting

Advanced Web Chat Features

Awesome features including live chat to wow your web visitors

Unlimited Departments

Route chats from your pricing page to sales. Group agents and provide better support.

Unlimited Websites

ClickDesk lets you run your code on as many site and blogs as you want, at no extra cost.

Chat Conferences

Help customers as a group with rich three-way conferencing between your agents and visitors.

Persistent Conversations

Our live support widget follows visitors as they browse through your website, providing a seamless chat experience.

Chat Transfer

You can also transfer chats to other agents' mobile or desktop to help close leads or provide stellar support. Work as a team.

Agent Levels

Use Agent Levels to prioritize chats. With levels everyone can stay online and chats are automatically passed to higher levels.

chat icon

Convert visitors to happy customers

Awesome combo of live-chat, voice and video