Introducing File Sharing! Sending files has never been this easy!

We are excited to announce the newest addition to ClickDesk features! Sending files has never been this easy!

File Sharing

This feature gives you and your customers the ability to exchange files such as documents, photos and presentations. Almost all types can be sent, except .exe files.

A popular adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is the goal of this feature. It helps agents better assist customers with the problems they are experiencing. The customer could simply take screenshots (or choose files) of the issues he is facing or the document he is referring to, and send it directly to illustrate and explain the issue better. This feature will ease communication and decrease the turn-around time and often eliminate the need to have long support conversations.

Your agents can also share important information like pricing, company presentations, product documentation, screenshots and other files to your customers with a single click.

Is it safe to send and receive files?
File sharing with ClickDesk is encrypted from end-to-end to ensure that only you and your customer will be able to receive and view the file.

File sharing while live chat

How do I transfer and receive a file?

1. In your chat window, click on the file sending icon.
2. A pop-up window will appear. Select the file to send. Once a file has been selected, a notification link will appear on the receiver’s end. You can only send one file at a time.
3. The receiver will need to click on the link to download the file and has the option to choose where to save it.


Transfer files



Cancellation during file sharing is not possible as the receiver will only see a link for download. You can send files with a minimum size of 1KB and a maximum size of 5MB.

Pro Tip:

You should be careful in receiving files like those you download directly from the internet, file transfer/sharing and email programs. Regularly update your antivirus software for an up to date scan for all incoming files.