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Clickdesk android app

ClickDesk Android App Features

Chat with Customers

Use the app to chat with your web visitors from your mobile device. Manage multiple chats. Engage known customers and new leads. It's as easy as texting on your smartphone. And yes, live chat shortcuts work in the mobile app!

Manage Tickets

ClickDesk's popular email helpdesk combines online support features with intuitive offline ticketing. Our mobile chat app gives you instant access to help desk tickets. Start new tickets and manage old ones. Stay on top of customer issues and visitor queries, whether you're out and about or just taking a break from your desk.

Manage tickets in mobile

Check visitors details

See Visitor Details

Real-time visitor details are at the heart of live chat success. Our mobile chat app keeps you updated with live visitor stats such as browser, geographical location, time on site and customer status. Click on a visitor and start a chat at just the right time.

Manage Agents

ClickDesk works great with any number of live chat agents. The software scales along with your company to fit your needs, and our mobile chat app makes it easier than ever to manage your support agents, all from one central place. With admin privileges, you can view your company's agents, see login times and manage agent details.

Manage agents in mobile

Search and sort on mobile

Search and Sort

The ClickDesk mobile app is full of features that make it easy to find what you are looking for, whether live stats on your online visitors, info on a current chat session, or past helpdesk tickets. Just launch the app and swipe right to manage chats and ticketing while on the go!

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