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What are Pro-active triggers ?

Proactive rules help you setup auto pop-up messages for your visitors based on the page URL. Set a trigger to automatically start a chat eg: After they spend 1 min on your site or if they check a page of relevance or visitors from a city. Greet visitors from London with "I see the weather is splendid in London today, are you looking for a leather coat ?" and many more custom messages

How to setup Proactive Triggers ?

Go to Proactive Triggers and add a new rule or edit and existing one

Provide the page URL you would like the message to pop-up on

Add the message to greet your visitors

Voice and Video chat
Live chat panel

Visitor behaviour, wait time and more.

Setup the wait time for the message

Select the type of visitor to show the message. You can use this feature to show custom messages for returning visitors

Select a sound to play when the message pops-up

Advanced Controls.

Set the frequency of pop-ups: Every time, once a day or once a session

Show messages to visitors from a specific country

Filter by Referrer ex. Only for visitors coming from search results*

Voice and Video chat
Live chat panel


Message: Hey! Everyone loves our Wordpress live-chat plugin ! Give it a try, here

Wait time: 10 (seconds)

Visit time: All visits,Play Sound: Yes


Guaranteed 99.95% Uptime

Frequently Asked Questions

What is proactive chat?

Clickdesk automatically pops up a chat window with a configurable message when any of your agents are online.

What can I provide for "Message" ?

This message will automatically pops up when a web visitor on provided page.
e.g: the message like Hi, thanks for visiting our site. How may I assist you for the day ?

How do I add a Proactive rule?

Login to dashboard, click on "Preferences" under that click on "Proactive chat" to set up the proactive rule for your web page(s).

What is wait time?

Wait time is the time after the load. For e.g: if you have configured to show the proactive live chat after 30 seconds, the popup will be shown after 30 secs the site has loaded up fully.

What happens if all my agents are offline ?

The proactive live chat will not be popped up.

What is returning vs first user ?

You can customize a different message for a new customer versus returning customer. e.g: You can show a message - Welcome back to our site. Is there anything I can help you this time again?

What can I provide for "URL (should start with "http:// or https://")" ?

You can provide your web page URL here starting with "http:// or https://", see the examples below:
1). http://*pricing* will match all pages which contain pricing
2). http://* will match all pages
3). https://* will match all pages with https (secure pages on your site)
4). http://** will match all pages on

What is Play Sound ?

Play sound option helps your web visitors to alert on the pro-active chats.

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