KeystrokePreview, launched! See what customers are typing.

Agent response time is always an important factor in customer service experience and it keeps visitors in your website from leaving.

When a website visitor uses your live chat feature, they expect to have the answer in the shortest time possible. But how can that be when you need to wait for your customer to finish typing and hit submit before your agent can answer their questions? Worry no more! ClickDesk has found a way to improve visitor experience in your website. Introducing the KeystrokePreview!

Keystroke preview

See what your customers are typing before they even hit the enter key. This way, your agents can formulate answers and respond to inquiries as soon as possible. This saves time, and not to mention the impression you leave your customers on how quick inquiries are resolved.

KeystrokePreview allows you to see the customer thoughts before they post the message. This gives your agents time to formulate precise solution and answer questions quickly. KeystrokePreview also increases your agents’ productivity by helping create mental responses especially in handling more than one chat at a time.

We are constantly coming up with new ways to satisfy our customers and rest assured that there will be more features coming. For questions and suggestions, leave a reply or send us an email.