June 24

Our Facebook integration was effected due to the recent changes to their API key, which has now been resolved.

We are glad to annouce that we now integrate with Hootsuite.

June 2

Chat session link would now be available in the chat transcript e-mails.

Released new integrations with Vtiger and iContact.

Help Desk email template text customization - Users can now edit the text and localize to their choice of language. (Plan restrictions apply).

Help Desk now has "Add note & Mark as solved" feature.

MAY 20

Added chats overview tab in reports section.

Set maximum wait time in queue, to disconnect the chat automatically upon reaching the maximum wait time. (Admin Settings -> Other)

Set live chat status to unavailable, when a pre defined number of visitors are in queue. ( Other settings)

GetResoponse integration released.


New integration with "Infusionsoft" has been released.

Agents can use '/goto' option to direct customers to a web page. Agents can use "/goto http://www.abc.com/pricing.html" to direct the visitor to your pricing page

Agents can now view the chats handled by them in the last 24 hours on agent dashboard. (Profile dropdown - > Agent Settings).

Force chat would now be directed to only the agent who initiated it and would be marked as 'Forced chat' in reports and chat transcript emails.

Agent can now choose to view only the online agents from his department, by selecting from the dropdown. (Profile dropdown - > Online Agents)

Mar 10

We have improved the UI of the Invoice template and we also provide an option to download invoices.

We have now added filters for chat transcripts and survey feedback.

We are now showing the message delivery status on the chat widget too. If a message is not delivered, we would display an error symbol and when they hover on the error symbol, it shows that the "Message was not delivered and advise them to resend the message."

Admin can now grant access to agents, for changing their avatar, name, nick name, and password. (Agents >> Advanced tab)

Agents can now create their own shortcuts from the agent dashboard. In addition to the admin and system shortcuts they can also create their own shortcuts and use them. (Profile dropdown >> Agent Settings)

Have you been looking for an option to answer chats while answering tickets? You may now! Using our new "Tile Chat" feature. You can enable this feature from profile drop down >> Preferences >> Advanced tab and change from "Chat mode settings".

Facebook Chat Integration added to admin dashboard >> Live Chat >> Plugins & Integrations.

Facebook chat integration instructions page has now been added to our website.

FEB 26

Now you can receive chats from your Facebook fan page. Just add ClickDesk Live Chat by searching for "ClickDesk" in Facebook and selecting our "ClickDesk Live Chat" app. Setup is quick and easy.

Simplified department edit and delete process. Now you will see "Show all" option beside "Departments & Code" heading and from there you can edit the department or delete the department apart from existing edit/delete process.

You can now receive a report on "Offline & Missed Opportunities" on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Agents can now trigger a forced chat to the customers on mobile.

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FEB 25

Proactive rules are now renamed as 'Chat Triggers' with enhanced features.

Canned responses in Helpdesk are improved. They can now support line breaks and retain the paragraph format as entered by the user. The maximimum length for a message has been increased to 3000 characters as well.

In Advanced Reports section, Login and Logout label names have been renamed as 'Online' and 'Offline' respectively.

FEB 19

Customers can now set business and non-business hours for chats.
When the business hours are set, an email alert will be sent to admin if none of the agents are available to take chats during the business hours.
When agents log into the agent dashboard during non-business hours, they will have an option to remain offline or go online to take chats.

Customers now have an option to receive chat transcripts, offline messages and other emails in HTML or plain text format. This option is available under "Email Notification" tab. (Admin Settings).


Block unwanted web visitors directly from the agent dashboard using "Block" option available on every chat conversation.
We are now showing all blocked visitors in Agent Dashboard along with an option to unblock.

Track your visitor behavior using the new visitor path feature where you can view the URLs navigation path for your web visitor and the time spent on each page. This feature will be available only for Pro, Enterprise, Growing Business, Enterprise team plans.

Customize widget (chat window) side sound alerts by picking your favorite sounds from our selection or you can upload your own sound files. As of now, we support .wav, .mp3, and .ogg file formats with maximum of 200KB file size.

JAN 28

Now ClickDesk users who have configured ClickDesk Help Desk can create support tickets directly from the chat sessions with customers by clicking the "Create Ticket" option in the chat window.

An Agent can now view status of other agents including the number of chats and calls they are currently taking, by clicking on 'Online Agents' option from profile drop down in agent dashboard.

The shortcuts are now arranged in ascending order for easier access in both admin and agent dashboard. They are divided into 'Custom Shortcuts', 'System Shortcuts', and 'Integration Shortcuts' sections.

Email reports on surveys now show the admin time zone.

Enable or disable queuing feature for your business from the admin settings. You can also enable "Show Queued Chats" option for agents to view the queued chats in the agent panel. This helps the agent to pick any important chats from the queue and handle it on priority basis, though he is busy with other simultaneous chats. The agent can handle up to 10 chats from the queue simultaneously in addition to the 5 simultaneous chats. In short, your agents can now handle up to 15 maximum simultaneous chats.

Note: 15 simultaneous can be handled by agents taking chats through the Agent Dashboard only. The agent can handle only up to 5 chats while taking chats from Google Talk and Skype.

JAN 14

Auto Response - When your agents are busy handling other customers and do not respond to new chats in time, an auto response is sent automatically to engage customers. This setting is available in "Online Form" under "Forms & Localization" tab.

Proactive messages come very handy to invite users to chat. Hence, we have now come up with an option to setup proactive chat even in offline mode. When the customer responds back to the proactive message, we would have those messages delivered to your email and also update them in your ClickDesk Agent Dashboard (under "Reports" - > "Chat Transcripts" tab) as "Missed Opportunities". This will help you identify the pages and time zones when your customers are looking for help, empowering you to adjust your agent timings for better efficiency and productivity.

JAN 12

Proactive chats have proven to increase visitor engagement. But without the visitor details, it gets tough to followup on conversations.

We have now enhanced the proactive rules to get the visitor details. As soon as a visitor responds to a proactive chat, we ask for his name and email and save it for further followups.

The system messages, status messages and titles are now localized completely. You can check these changes under "System Messages" and "Status Messages" under "Forms & Localization" available under "Live Chat" option in the top menu.

Now using your Google analytics code, you can track more events on your live chat widget to know your visitors behavior. This enables you to analyse your customers and update the changes accordingly, to grow your business.

You can find all these events in your Google analytics account under "ClickDesk LiveChat" Event Category under "Top Events". After logging into your Google analytics account, click on "Behavior", "Events" and then you will find the "Top Events" section.

You can check out our enhanced hourly reports. Now you can see the hourly reports for selected date range. This is available in "Live chat" option under "Reports & Spy" menu.


We have now simplified reports navigation and they are available under "Reports & Spy" section.

On mobiles, we show the "Chat" button but there was no option to change the text. There was also no support for international languages. We have now enhanced this and provide an option to customize the text on "Chat" button. To change this, navigate to "Themes" section and change the option in "Online Bar" and "Offline Bar" tabs.

Good news for Zapier customers! Zapier customers can now use Zapier integration and automatically export the customer data to desired systems like AgileCRM.

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