So far so good, I just got a lead on a $900,000 home via chat. Not sure if she would have used email if chat was not there, possibly not. It seems some people like to chat vs waiting for email responses.

Bryn kaufman oahure testimonial

Bryn Kaufman

VP -

Pretty impressed with ClickDesk so far. Installed it on, nicer than most interactive chat tools I've seen.

James archer fortyagency testimonial

James archer

I have to say that ClickDesk is a very powerful tool. I like this tool because it is a bridge between the web visitors and the business.

Christian suarez capsulesoft testimonial

Christian suarez

I like what I am seeing in terms of the easy integration and functionality. However, when I first set it up, I did it through my Skype account. It's fine.

Luis campos damonazdesign testimonial

Luis campos

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