What can be customized?

All our paid plans come with advanced customization features for the live chat window. Right from the color to the advanced language settings, ClickDesk live chat appearance can be fully customized.

Free plan

  • Add operator's image to chat window.
  • Layout and positioning of live chat button and Chat bar in the web page.
  • Show/Hide live chat button.
  • Show/Hide the chat bar when offline.
  • Change the chat bar text for online and offline mode.

Lite plan

  • All Free plan customization features+
  • Themes
  • Header and footer color.
  • Entire text present in the online form, offline form and pro-active chat window.
  • Text Language (We support more than 40 international languages).

Pro plan

  • All of the free plan features +
  • Lite plan features +
  • Whitelabel - You can remove clickdesk live chat logo branding from the footer of your live chat window and add you own logo and URL. The live chat is completely brand-able and let your visitors never know our presence.


Guaranteed 99.95% Uptime

What cannot be customized

In any of our plans, you cannot Change background color of the chat box

Change background color of the chat box

Use multiple language live chat windows for bi-lingual sites

Use custom css

chat icon

Convert visitors to happy customers

Awesome combo of live-chat, voice and video