Why Customizing Your Live Chat Template Increases Your Sales

What gets your website noticed? We would all love to believe that customers come to us because we have excellent products and services to offer them. But the truth is customers can get attracted to a site because it is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and client-friendly.

This is why companies who have recognized the importance of live chat support can expect to win more customers and keep them.

When you create your website, you take the trouble to brand it to suit your company’s message. Here are some things you might be doing to make your website appealing:

  • Follow a selected concept

  • Maintain a fresh, updated look

  • Include SEO to gain search engine rankings

  • Include optimized images

  • Maintain your brand colors and theme

  • Create easy to navigate pages and a site map

These are only a few things that every website should incorporate. But how about your live chat screen? At ClickDesk, we understand the need for uniformity on a site. We’ve created chat with support templates that are fully customizable. You can modify the buttons, colors and even text. As there is no support software to download, you can offer live help to your customers quickly and efficiently.

Customized live chat templates

So how can customizing your chat template add value to your website?

  • Live help via a chat template that is consistent with the rest of your website will promote a professional, branded look. It will mark you as an expert in your field. You are not an amateur, so why should your website look like one?
  • By using corporate colors and fonts on your chat template, you are reinforcing your brand each time a visitors uses your live chat services. You are building and strengthening your brand awareness.
  • You are also building consistency throughout your website based on your selected choices.
  • It can help motivate the buyer to make a purchase, by creating a strong connection between the operator and excellent customer service, and the overall products and services the website showcases.

Remember to check and double check to see if the modifications you make are consistent with your image. And it’s also important to test your template, either in-house, or with known customers, before you make the changes live.

Ready to try it out? Sign up for a FREE ClickDesk Live Chat account and get started on your customization by upgrading to our $1 trial offer. You can have your customized live chat up and running in minutes.