ZOHO Live Chat Plugin Features

Pull visitor info from the CRM using their email addresses

Instantly send post-chat transcripts or notes for a lead directly from the chat panel to the CRM using a simple command

Automatically add the current chat transcript as a note for your lead in the CRM

Enables voice and video chat directly in the browser - no extra software required

Zoho live chat features


Guaranteed 99.95% Uptime
Integrate chat Zoho CRM

How to Integrate ClickDesk with Zoho CRM

Get authentication token

Log into your ZOHO CRM account.

Go to "Setup" and then to the "Developer Space" block. Click on the link to generate an "Auth Token".

Copy the authentication token. You can even reset it if you wish to get a new token.

Enable the integration

Login to your ClickDesk dashboard.

Go to Zoho Integration.

Enter your ZOHO username, password and Auth Token. Save the details to enable the ZOHO chat plugin.

enable chat plugin zoho crm

lead info zoho crm

Retrieve lead info

The plugin is now active on your account.

When a customer visits your website and enters their email to initiate a chat, the operator receives the customer's information from Zoho directly on their Agent Dashboard

Add a new lead

You can add a new contact to your Salesforce CRM directly from your Webchat Panel during the online chat.

To add a new contact during the chat, use the "/add" command. A new contact will be created under "Leads" in the CRM with the name and email details filled.

add new lead zoho crm

Add post chat note zoho crm

Add post-chat note

Chat transcripts allow the operator or the other team members to access customer details for future reference. This can also help them keep close track of the customer.

Once the integration with ZOHO is setup, the post-chats are automatically added to the leads profile in the 'notes' section.

Add note manually

In addition to the entire chat transcript (post-chat) that is added automatically, the operator can add a desired message to the particular lead's note.

To add a note for the existing lead at any time during the chat conversation, send '/note message' in Agent Dashboard.

Add manual note zoho crm

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