ClickDesk Zapier app features

  • Forward data to Zapier when a chat ends.

  • When ticket is created.

  • When a phone call ends.
Zapier app features


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Create your first zapier

Creating your first Zapier

Zapier Login

  • Login to your Zapier account.

  • Click on 'Make a New Zap'.

Choosing Trigger app

  • Click on 'Choose a Trigger app..'.

  • Type ClickDesk in search box and select ClickDesk Live Chat app from results.

  • Then Click on 'Choose a Trigger...' and select required Trigger.

Choosing a trigger app

choosing a action app

Choosing Action app

  • Click on 'Choose a Action app..'.

  • Type the name of app in search box and select it from results.

  • Then Click on 'Choose a Action...' and select required Action.

ClickDesk Authentication

  • Click on 'Connect a ClickDesk Live Chat Account'.

  • On the popup screen, enter your ClickDesk's registered email address and API Key and then click on 'continue' button for credentials validation.

  • If your credentials are valid then you will see 'Account is working' message.

  • Authentication for Action app would then be done by Zapier. Simply follow the steps given by Zapier.

Clickdesk Authentication for zapier

Applying custom filters on Zaps

  • You can apply custom filters on Zaps. For example you may want to create contacts in your CRM who have email address (or) visitors from particularly country etc.

  • If you wish not to apply any custom filters then click on 'Continue' button.

Match up ClickDesk with Action App

  • Based on Trigger & Action selection, you will see input fields to map data from ClickDesk to Action app.

  • Each input field will have 'Insert Fields' button. Click on the button to select ClickDesk data. Match up all the required fields.

  • Click on 'continue' button to continue.
Matchup up clickdek

Testing zapier app

Testing Zap

  • Now click on 'Testing ClickDesk trigger' button and then click on 'Test Zap with this sample'.

  • If your Zap is configured correctly, it will show 'Success' message on the same button.

Naming the Zap

  • Once your are done with testing the Zap, you will be asked to name the Zap.

  • Provide your custom name for the Zap and click on 'Turn on Zap' button.

  • Congrats. You are now done with creating your first Zap.

  • Similarly you can create other Zaps with triggers 'New Call' and 'New Ticket'.
Name the zapier app

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