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Add live support to your wordpress website today

Install our wordpress live chat plugin on your website with just a click.
ClickDesk live support plugin helps you receive chats and VoIP calls on your Skype/Web-chat Panel directly from your wordpress website.

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Wordpress Live Chat and Support Plugin Features


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How to install ClickDesk wordpress live chat plugin on your website/blog

wordpress live chat plugin

Search for ClickDesk

  • Go to add plugins page and search for ClickDesk from your wordpress dashboard.
  • You will find - ClickDesk Live Support - Live-chat plugin for websites. Click on Install Now.
  • After successful installation of the plugin, click on Activate.

install clickdesk wordpress

Click on ClickDesk tab

  • You can now find ClickDesk Live-Chat button on the left pane in the admin dashboard.
  • Click on it and please wait for the page to load completely.
  • Signup for an account and verify your email if you have not done it already. Please login to configure your account.

agent to take live chat in skype on wordpress

Create an agent and configure the web chat panel

  • Click on Add Agent.
  • Enter the agent details such as full name and nick name.
  • Configure an email and password for the web chat panel

add agent in wordpress skype plugin

Configure IM settings to receive chats on mobile

  • Click on edit agent to go to IM Network.
  • Add Gtalk/Skype as the IM network of choice. Please signin to your IM
  • You will receive automated contact requests on your IM. Please accept them all.
  • You can now receive chats on your IM

add agent clickdesk

Click on 'Install plugin'

  • Click on Install plugin link in the 'Departments & code' section
  • ClickDesk is installed successfully
  • You can now see ClickDesk wordpress live chat appear on your wordpress site
  • Login to your Web Chat Panel.
You are done with the installation. Go to your website and initiate your first chat!
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