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live chat setup wix

How to add live chat to your Wix website

Sign Up and Add Agent

    Sign up for a ClickDesk account if you don't already have one.

    Login to your ClickDesk admin account and click on 'Add Agent'.

    Enter the Agent details and click on 'Add Agent' at the end of the form.

Create a Department

    Go to the 'Departments and Code' tab. Click 'Add Department'.

    Enter a department name and assign operators to it by enabling the checkbox.

    You will now see a new department created.

create department live chat wix

live chat code wix

Copy live chat code

    You can assign any number of operators to a department depending on your selected plan.

    Click on the 'Copy Code' link to view your 4 lines of code.

    Copy these lines of Javascript code so you'll be able to paste them into Wix.

Add widget in Wix

    Login to your Wix editor and select the 'Master' page.

    Go to Add -> Apps.

    Select 'HTML' from the list.

add wix widget

chat code wix

Paste live chat code

    Select the 'HTML code' in mode dropdown.

    Paste the ClickDesk code you copied. Click 'update'.

Adjust widget width

    Drag the widget to the bottom of your page and extend it completely along the width of website footer.

    You may need to adjust the positioning and preview it a few times to get the positioning of the live chat to fit your website layout.

live chat layout-wix

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