WHMCS Chat Plugin Features

No installation or programming required. Just enter your WHMCS admin details to get started

Displays customer profiles directly on your Agent Dashboard, even before a chat is initiated

One-click access to WHMCS profiles

This integration is supported by Salesforce developer edition only.

chat plugin features whmcs


Guaranteed 99.95% Uptime
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How to Integrate ClickDesk with WHMCS

Copy ClickDesk Code

Login to your ClickDesk dashboard and add an agent.

Click on 'Departments & Code' and copy your WHMCS live chat code.

Paste this code just before the closing body tag at the end of your web page.

Activate Plugin

In the ClickDesk dashboard, go to WHMCS Chat Plugin.

In the WHMCS block, enter your WHMCS installed url, admin username and MD5 password.

Now, in your WHMCS control panel, Go to Setup -> General -> Security -> API IP restriction and add

activate live chat plugin whmcs

chat demo whmcs

Live Chat Demo

When a known customer enters your website and leaves their email address to initiate a live chat, the operator receives the customer's information.

Clicking on the profile link opens the WHMCS profile of that particular customer in the chat panel.

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Convert visitors to happy customers

Awesome combo of live-chat, voice and video