Weebly Chat Plugin Features

    Live Chat, Helpdesk, Voice & Video Chat and Social Toolbar

    Fully Customizable - colors, themes, text, templates and position

    Take chats on Agent Dashboard

    One-click installation and straightforward pricing

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Guaranteed 99.95% Uptime
Setup Weebly chat

ClickDesk Plugin for Weebly - Setup Guide

Create an Account

    Sign up for a ClickDesk Live Chat account.

    Login to configure your account.

Create an agent and configure the web chat panel

    Login to your ClickDesk dashboard

    Click on Add Agent.

    Enter the agent details such as 'full name' and 'nick name'.

    Configure an email and password for the web chat panel.

add agent weebly chat

add chat code weebly

Copy Code

    Copy the ClickDesk chat code from Departments and Code.

    Paste the chat code on your website.

Weebly Settings

    Login to your Weebly 'Editor Panel'.

    On the main editor navigation bar, click on 'Settings'.

    Click on the 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' tab.

setting chat panel weebly

Publish weebly chat

Save and Publish

    Paste the ClickDesk live chat code in the footer section.

    Click on 'Save'.

    Publish your site.

    ClickDesk Live Chat is now activated on your Weebly site - it's time to start taking chats and increasing conversions and customer happiness!

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Convert visitors to happy customers

Awesome combo of live-chat, voice and video