Webs Live Chat Plugin Features

    Combo of Live Chat, Helpdesk, Voice & Video Chat

    Social Toolbar for automatic social media integration

    Fully Customizable - colors, themes, text, templates and position

    Take chats on Agent Dashboard

    One-click installation and simple pricing

Webs live chat features


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Create an account Webs

How to add ClickDesk live chat to your Webs website

Create an Account

    Sign up for an account and verify your email if you have not done so already.

    Log in to configure your account.

    After logging into your ClickDesk Dashboard, click on Add Operator.

Add an Operator

    Click on 'Add Operator'.

    Enter the operator details such as 'full name', 'nick name', 'email id' and other details. Click on 'Add Operator' at the end of this form.

Add operator webs chat

create new department webs chat

Create a Department

    After adding the operator, go to the 'Departments & Code' tab.

    Click on 'Add Department' in the navigation bar.

    Enter a department name and assign operators to it by enabling the checkbox.

    You will now see a new department created.

Get your Code

    You can assign any number of operators to a department depending on your selected plan.

    Click on the "Get your code" link to view your 4 lines of code.

    Copy these lines of javascript code and paste them in your site.

add webs live chat code

Edit webs page

Edit Webs Page

    Login to your Webs account and choose your website.

    Go to the editor and in the "my pages" section, select the page.

    Edit the page on which you would like the chat widget to appear.

Paste Code & Publish

    Go to Layout -> Custom HTML.

    In this block, paste the ClickDesk code and click 'Save'.

    Publish your site and the Webs chat widget will now appear on your web pages.

Paste code on Webs

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