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Add live chat combo to your landing pages

ClickDesk's Unbounce live chat widget allows you to receive live chats and calls from your landing page visitors. Engage your visitors to boost conversions and improve customer satisfaction.

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Unbounce Live Chat Plugin with Skype and Google Talk Support


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CickDesk - Unbounce widget setup guide

unbounce live chat plugin

Step 1: Login & Edit

  • Signup and login to your Unbounce account
  • Select your landing page on which you wish to add ClickDesk and 'Edit' the variant of your choice.

unbounce live chat plugin signup

Step 2: Signup and Add Operator

  • Signup for any ClickDesk plan that suits your needs.
  • Login to your Dashboard and add an agent
  • Enter the agent details like full name and nick name.
  • Configure an email and password for the web chat panel

unbounce live chat clickdesk

Step 3: Configure IM settings to receive chats on mobile

  • Click on edit agent to go to IM Network.
  • Add Gtalk/Skype as the IM network of choice. Please signin to your IM
  • You will receive automated contact requests on your IM. Please accept them all.

unbounce live chat add department clickdesk

Step 4: Copy Code

unbounce livechat add script clickdesk

Step 5: Add Script

  • In the Unbounce editor, click on the JS scripts link
  • Choose the placement to be Before Body End Tag and paste the live chat code. Save it.

add clickdesk script to unbounce

Step 6: Save and Republish

  • Preview and Save the page. Go back to the menu of your landing pages.
  • Do not forget to Republish your page for the changes to appear live.
  • You can now see ClickDesk appear live on your landing page.
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