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MODX chat setup

ClickDesk MODX Plugin - Setup Guide

New Chunk in MODX

    Login to your MODX manager.

    In the 'Elements' tab of the left sidebar, right click and create a new chunk.

    Name the new chunk as 'clickdesk'.

Signup and Add Operator

    Signup for ClickDesk and verify your email.

    Login to your Dashboard and add an agent.

Signup and add operators

Create new department

Create a Department

    After adding the operator, go to the 'Departments & Code' tab.

    Click on 'Add Department' in the navigation bar.

    Create a new department and assign operator(s).

    Add the department.

Get your Code

    After assigning the operators to the department, you can now find a link labeled 'Copy Code to Clipboard'.

    Click on the link to copy the MODX chat code.

MODX live chat code

Paste chat code

Paste the Code

    Sign into your MODX manager.

    In the ClickDesk chunk (which you created in Step 1), paste the ClickDesk code in the 'Chunk code (html)' area and save it.

Use the Short Code

    You can now use [[$clickdesk]] short code in your template in the specific pages content.

    For ClickDesk to appear on all the pages of your MODX website, use the short code just before the closing body tag of your template.

    To use ClickDesk only on specific pages, paste the short code in the area provided for page content.

    That's it! You can now start accepting and initiating conversations on your site.

Short code modx

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