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    Live Chat, Helpdesk, Voice & Video Chat and Social Integration

    Fully Customizable - Colors, Themes, Text, Templates and Position

    Get complete visitor information: Page URL, Browser, Country, IP Address

    Take chats on Agent Dashboard

    Leading live support app for reducing cart abandonment

    One-click installation and straightforward pricing

Magento live chat features


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ClickDesk Magento Plugin - Setup Guide

Upload and Extract

Download the ClickDesk-Magento plugin from ClickDesk website

Copy downloaded zip to the root folder of your Magento and extract the zip file

Clear Cache

Clear the Magento cache by deleting everything from the /var/cache directory OR

Login to your Magento administrator backend.

Go to System -> Cache Management. Click on 'Flush Magento Cache'.



Click on ClickDesk

Reload the page and navigate to: Catalog -> ClickDesk.

Sign up for a ClickDesk account if you don't already have one.

Login to ClickDesk to configure your account.

Create an agent and configure the web chat panel

Click on Add Agent.

Enter the agent details such as 'full name' and 'nick name'.

Add an email and password for the web chat panel.



Install the Live Chat Plugin

Now you're ready to install the Magento live chat plugin.

Click the Install Plugin link in the 'Departments & Code' section.

ClickDesk's widget will now appear on your Magento website.

Login to Agent Dashboard to appear online and start increasing online sales!

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Convert visitors to happy customers

Awesome combo of live-chat, voice and video