ClickDesk is a leading alternative to LivePerson because it offers an out-of-the-box combination of live chat, help desk, voice and video chat, social media integration, real-time analytics and sophisticated reporting for online businesses. More powerful and more affordable, ClickDesk is the best live support app on the planet.

ClickDesk LivePerson
Multi-channel online engagement Awesome bundle of fastest live chat, help desk, video chat & social toolbar Doesn't provide help desk and social features
IM Integrated No software to install. Receive chats & calls on Google Talk or your browser. Drive customer engagement from your mobile device! Requires software installation, maintenance and staff training
Pricing $9.99 - startup-friendly pricing Starts at $149

See for yourself on why ClickDesk is considered the best of LivePerson competitors. Click on each item to see how ClickDesk provides a better liveperson alternative.

Live Chat

ClickDesk's live chat is simple to set up. No software to install and zero learning curve for the agents to get started.

LivePerson requires you to install software manually. Also, you cannot receive chats or calls on your IM.

ClickDesk LivePerson
In-built and interactive Pop up based - Not intuitive and may require unblocking of browser popups
White label Completely re-brand the live chat box on your site. Add your own logo. No white label
Extendable Yes - One click installable plugins & addons to integrate with all major CRMs & billing systems No plugins. Want to add a lead directly to your favorite CRM? Impossible!

Help Desk

Our integrated helpdesk system lets you manage all your emails and offline chat messages systematically. Also, get notified on your IM when someone sends an email to your support helpdesk!

There's no help desk with LivePerson. Get ready to find yourself drowning in offline chats and customer emails!

ClickDesk LivePerson
Helpdesk domain Choose your own subdomain for the helpdesk panel -
IM notifications Agents get notified immediately when a new ticket is created or assigned to them -
Automation & Macros Create automation rules (change department, status, assign to agent) and run macros on tickets -

Voice Chat

ClickDesk allows your visitors to call you in 3 convenient ways, and agents receive calls on IM or mobile.

LivePerson does it the old school way. No browser phone or click-to-call technology.

ClickDesk LivePerson
Click-to-Call - Instantly connects the call with the available agent on live chat Call back - You need to drop in your phone number for the system to call you back if the agent is available
Call options for visitors Visitors can call the agent directly from the browser, use local access numbers Just a call back feature
Call options for agents Agents receive calls on their Google Talk, phone or mobile Agents receive calls on their PCs

Social Toolbar

Be where your customers are. The world is going social and we make it easy for your visitors to connect with your Facebook fan page or follow your Twitter timeline right from the chat window. Plus, we let you see essential social profile info about your web visitors before or during chats.

LivePerson hasn't joined the social show yet.

ClickDesk LivePerson
Facebook Display fan page with like button -
Twitter Display recent tweets & follow button -
ClickDesk is the best LivePerson alternative for online businesses - Try ClickDesk today for free
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