JavaScript Chat

Get your customer details on live chats using custom javascript variables
Javascript chat integration

JavaScript API Integration

Do you use custom JavaScript on your website and want to push customer details directly to your IM/Webchat panel? Our JavaScript Chat Developer API makes it easy to set custom details, then retrieve those details on IM/Webchat panel.

JavaScript API

Javascript live chat features

JavaScript Live Chat API Integration

  • No installation required - just copy and paste four lines of code
  • Receive contact details using custom JavaScript on your site
  • Set the reference name and variables to fetch those details on your IM/Webchat panel
  • Using this integration, you will be notified up to 5 field values to know more about your web visitor.
    Eg. Your agent can know your customer cart item names or number of items in cart etc.,


Guaranteed 99.95% Uptime

JavaScript Live Chat Installation Guide

Enable plugin

Enable Plugin

  • Login to ClickDesk and add an operator.
  • Get your JavaScript chat code and paste it on web pages where you would like to receive chats.
  • Go to the 'Live Chat' tab and select 'Plugins & Integrations'. Click on 'Javascript API' to configure the integration.

Set variables

Set the Variables

  • In the plugins section, select 'Javascript API'.
  • Add JavaScript variables and their values. This reference name will be the same in your IM/Webchat panel so you can recognize the value.
  • You can add up to five JavaScript variables.
  • Click 'Save' and your changes will take effect.

Chat demo

Demo Chat

  • Initiate a live chat to see if the integration is functioning properly.
  • When a live chat is initiated, the variables are detected from the JS on your website and are integrated using our JavaScript API. The same information should now be displayed in your IM/Webchat panel.
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