iContact Chat Features

Super-fast installation

Subscribe/Unsubscribe visitors from mailing lists instantly while chatting

Take chats and manage email subscribers from the ClickDesk agent dashboard or mobile app

See subscriber details during online support sessions

Add web visitors to email lists during live chats, voice and video chats

icontact chat features


Guaranteed 99.95% Uptime
configure icontact chat

ClickDesk - iContact Integration Guide

Activate iContact Plugin

In the ClickDesk dashboard, go to iContact integration.

Register the ClickDesk app in your iContact developer portal.

Configure the iContact chat plugin in ClickDesk using your iContact username, password, AppId and URL details.

View Subscriber Info

Your iContact live chat integration is now active.

When a website visitor enters their email address in the ClickDesk live chat widget, your support agent will see their iContact subscriber details.

View subscribe information

View subscribe information

Add New Subscriber

With iContact chat integration, you can instantly add chat visitors to your iContact mailing lists.

To add a visitor as a new subscriber, enter '/subscribe list name' during a live chat.

Remove a Subscriber

If you need to unsubscribe a visitor from an iContact mailing list, no problem.

To unsubscribe a contact from a mailing list while you are chatting with them, just use this command: '/unsubscribe list name'.

Unsubscribe visitors

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Convert visitors to happy customers

Awesome combo of live-chat, voice and video