Initiate Live Chats on Twitter

Send personalized chat invitations to your customers via Twitter

Provide instant support to current and potential customers

Boost customer happiness and the effectiveness of your online support with voice chat, video chat, screen sharing and more

Increase sales while decreasing tickets, as customers are less likely to file a ticket when they can get awesome real-time support



Guaranteed 99.95% Uptime

Installation Guide

Install ClickDesk App

Login to your Hootsuite account and go to the App Directory

Search for the ClickDesk app

Click the Install App button

Authorize ClickDesk

Complete the installation with your ClickDesk Username and API Key

After successful installation, you will have a 'Send Chat Invitation' option in the drop-down menu in every tweet



Generate Chat Invitation

When you send a chat invitation, you can choose which department will receive the chat

After choosing the department, click on Send Chat Invitation to generate a URL along with default tweet text

Send Chat Invitation

A popup will now show the tweet and link for your review before sending

Edit the tweet as you'd like, just don't edit the link - it's a unique URL!

Click Send Now to tweet the message to your customer on Twitter


chat icon

Convert visitors to happy customers

Awesome combo of live-chat, voice and video