Integration Features

No installation required - if you have a ClickDesk account and you're using Google Analytics, we're already reporting ClickDesk 'events' to GA for you

Get a comparative view of events such as offline messages and social media clicks

Analyze customer activity and increase conversions

Analyze agent activity and improve customer experience

You can still use our dynamic in-app reporting feature. Google Analytics chat integration is just an added benefit!

google analytics chat integration


Guaranteed 99.95% Uptime
GA setup guide

Google Analytics Integration Setup Guide

Track Events

Google Analytics chat integration lets you track chat events and web visitor actions

Log in to your Google Analytics dashboard and select the website where you use ClickDesk live chat

Select the Behavior menu, then click Events

Choose Top Events, then select ClickDesk Live Chat as the event category to display

ClickDesk Live Chat Events

Now you'll see a clickable list of the event types we automatically track for you in ClickDesk

Events are actions such as triggers, clicks, conversations or submissions

Note that event types include both agent actions and customer actions

Click-through on a particular event type to see 'labels' (additional dimensions/info)

Check the ClickDesk blog for info and updates on what events mean

Developers can read more about events and labels on the GA developers site - learn about the technical side of Google Analytics chat integration

Chat events google analytics

track agent conversations GA

How to Track Conversations

To get a sense for how the integration works, click through to the Agent Conversations details page

The total number of agent conversations is now broken down by each individual helpdesk agent

Remember to look at both Total Events and Unique Events

How to Add New Segments

You can set up custom segments for unique analysis of your chat visitors.

Custom segments help you to understand how ClickDesk affects your bottom line and compare the actions of chat visitors with those of website visitors who don't engage in a web chat. Custom analytics let you compare goal conversion rates, figure out which pages get the most chat traffic, view and compare the top countries that are sending you chat traffic, and more.

Next, add a segment with 'ClickDesk Conversion Visitors' and select an Event Action containing 'Agent Conversations' and save it.

add new segment

Compare top countries

Compare Traffic from Top Countries

Comparing traffic and conversions from top countries helps to keep your business on track

Use custom segments to compare conversion rates for ClickDesk conversation visitors (online visitors who engaged in a chat session) with conversation rates for website visitors who didn't engage in a chat

ClickDesk Conversation Visitors convert better!

The integration allows you track all events on ClickDesk and help increase conversions.

Visitors conversation
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Convert visitors to happy customers

Awesome combo of live-chat, voice and video