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Facebook live chat features


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Install live chat on Facebook fan page

Installing live support for your Facebook fan page

ClickDesk Account Login

Login to your ClickDesk dashboard.

Go to Plugins & Integrations.

Click on Facebook plugin, then click ADD CLICKDESK LIVE CHAT.

Enter your Facebook credentials and you’ll be redirected to ClickDesk app page on Facebook.

Select Fan Page

You should now be on the ClickDesk app page on Facebook.

Select the fan page you want to install ClickDesk live chat and then click on 'Add Page Tab' button to proceed further.

ClickDesk app installation completed and you need to configure the settings in the app.

Install ClickDesk on Facebook

Login to Facebook fan page

Login to ClickDesk Facebook App

Open the Facebook fan page where you’ve just installed the ClickDesk app.

Click on the ClickDesk Live Chat tab. If you are unable to see this tab, try clicking on ‘More’.

Enter your ClickDesk username and API Key (find your API Key here).

Configure App

After you’ve entered your ClickDesk credentials, you will now be able to configure the app.

Select the desired department.

The ClickDesk chat window will now appear on your fan page.

We recommend logging into the ClickDesk agent dashboard to answer a test chat from your FB page.

Configure department on Facebook

Edit settings on Facebook

Edit Settings

Page administrators can change the configured department at any time by clicking on Edit Settings.

That’s it. We hope you enjoy our live support app for Facebook!.

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