Benefits of live chat integration

View visitor's case history in the chat window

Add all or select chat conversations as cases in

Add ClickDesk live support to your website

Forward your after-hours messages from customers directly to

Add notes to existing cases directly from integration

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Configure live chat

How to configure integration

Configure Integration

Login to ClickDesk dashboard and go to integration.

Enter your support URL.

To get your credentials, please login to your admin account and navigate to 'API' under Settings on the top right corner.

Create a new application with the name 'ClickDesk' and '' as the website URL and leave other fields empty and click on Add button.

Copy the consumer key, consumer secret and access token to your ClickDesk Dashboard and save changes.

Forward offline messages to

You can forward offline messages to as cases.

To set up notifications, go to Email notifications in your ClickDesk Dashboard.

Enter your support email address as the 'recipient email id' in the Offline Messages block.

offline messages

case history

View complete case history from

When a chat is initiated by a visitor, ClickDesk automatically pulls up open and pending cases for that customer from

You can configure the cases pulled up under 'Case Status' in

Save chat conversations as cases

Your chat conversations are automatically saved as cases in if you enable the 'Add chat transcript' option.

Optionally you can also add a chat transcript as a ticket using the '/case' command.

Save chat conversation

Add note

Add note to existing cases

You can add a note to an existing case in directly from the Agent Dashboard/IM during the live chat.

To add a note to an existing case, use '/casenote case-number message' command. Ex. 'casenote 245 Interested in a premium plan'.

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