Benefits of Constant Contact Chat Integration

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Add a new email address to any or all of your lists in Constant Contact directly from live chat. Never miss an opportunity.

See the lists a visitor is already subscribed to and quickly update their list subscriptions

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How to integrate Constant Contact with ClickDesk

Activate the Integration

From the ClickDesk dashboard, go to Live Chat -> Plugins and Integrations -> Constant Contact Integration.

Authorize the app by entering your Constant Contact credentials.

Constant Contact is now active

Your Constant Contact live chat integration is complete.

You'll now see subscriber info from Constant Contact inside your ClickDesk chat panel.

Subscribe live chat

Add visitors

Add new visitors

Grow your mailing lists by adding visitors directly from ClickDesk to Constant Contact.

To add the visitor as a new subscriber, enter "/subscribe list-name" in Agent Dashboard during a live chat session.

Remove visitors from a list

To remove a visitor from a specific list, use the "/unsubscribe list-name" command.

This is an excellent way to offer customer service in real time. It's also a good time to ask how the list could be improved, or if another list might be of more interest to the customer.

unsubscribe visitors from list

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