Agile CRM Chat Integration Features

See complete information about your web visitors, automatically pulled from the CRM

Add new contacts, notes and post-chat transcript directly from your Agent Dashboard.

Trigger personalized sales or marketing campaigns in AgileCRM by adding tags to a customer during live chat sessions

Since Agile includes contact management, marketing automation and emailing, and ClickDesk includes both live chat and an intuitive help desk, startups and SMBs use these two products as the core of their online business

Agile CRM chat features


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Agile crm chat setup

Agile CRM Live Chat Integration - Setup Guide

Get API Token

Login to your Agile CRM account.

Go to 'Admin settings' from the top right drop-down menu and then go to 'API & Analytics'.

Copy the API key.

Enable the Integration

Login to your ClickDesk Dashboard.

Go to AgileCRM Integration

Enter your Agile CRM domain, username (email) and the API key. Save the details to enable the plugin.

Enable chat Agile CRM

Display contact Agile CRM

Display Contact Info

The Agile CRM chat plugin is now active in your ClickDesk account.

When a known customer visits your website and enters their email to initiate a live chat, the agent will receive the customer's information along with profile URL from Agile CRM directly on their Agent Dashboard

Add New Contacts

To add a new contact to Agile CRM during a live chat in ClickDesk, use the '/add' command.

New contact will be created under 'Contacts' in Agile with the name and email details automatically filled in.

Add new contact Agile CRM

Add tag agile crm

Add Tags

In Agile CRM, you can add tags to contacts. A contact can have multiple tags. These tags are used to segment users, trigger campaigns and analyze customer activity.

To add a tag during live chat, use the '/tag tag_name' command.

Add Notes

You can now add or edit a contact's notes during chat sessions. Multiple notes can be added to a single contact.

To add a note for an existing contact at any time during the chat conversation, use the '/note message' command, where "message" is the note content.

Add notes Agile crm
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