Zoho Integration with ClickDesk offers top Customer Support Services

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are many and they are used by businesses to manage sales leads, forecasts and activities, and in general, produce a higher and better quality of customer service. However, small to mid sized business owners often find popular CRM packages to be overwhelming, expensive, and in general, a bit cumbersome for their needs.

Enter in user friendly solution, Zoho. Zoho is a SaaS solution which has all the features you’ve come to expect from a robust CRM solution, but is specifically tailor made for ease of use. You can manage campaigns and leads, view dashboards and print reports. It offers a broad and stable platform upon which to grow a business through satisfied existing customers and new leads.

Zoho has not received industry awards like the ‘Technology of the Year (2009), Small Business Suite CRM (2008) and International Top 10 products of 2008, for nothing. It’s a CRM suite known best for its strength, flexibility and ease of use, implementation, and technical support. It boasts over 1 million users worldwide, who are experiencing a positive ROI, reached faster and with lower costs.

One of ClickDesk’s greatest features is the ability to tackle all kinds of customer requests rapidly and efficiently. And Zoho helps us get there. ClickDesk live chat and VoIP call integration with Zoho makes it a more powerful lead tracking tool.

Here are some of the reasons we at ClickDesk love Zoho chat integration.

  • No installation or programming knowledge required. Once you’ve subscribed to ClickDesk, go to the dashboard, click on Preferences and then Plugins. You can scroll down till you come to Zoho; enter your username, password and API key, which is obtained from your Zoho portal.Zoho Chat
  • Once your Zoho chat set up is activated, your operators get the lead’s information and profile URL directly on their IM as soon as a live chat is initiated on the website
  • The Zoho chat integration automatically adds the current chat transcript to the lead’s details.
  • The integration also allows the operator to add a message and notes directly from the IM to the lead’s records during the course of the conversation, or post-chat.

With this kind of flexibility, it’s no wonder that thousands of our customers have opted to integrated ClickDesk’s Zoho live chat. For them, the time it takes to process a new customer application or close a sale is rapidly cut short. The customer service desk gets a quick overview of all the client’s activities, allowing them to recommend new business opportunities, track which leads are cost-effective, and create real-time statistics to share with the department. This is all the more important if you have several agents or operators handling a single customer over a period of time. The ability to access the customer’s records and notes can make all the difference between closing a sale and losing the customer.

For the customer who is getting superior and efficient customer service, no matter the agent he’s engaged in a conversation with, a solution like Zoho can only result in a positive experience.