Knowledge Base Integration with Zendesk & WordPress

A number of leading helpdesk platforms, and even some CMS, are now offering a knowledge base feature. Knowledge bases help your agents find answers to common (and uncommon) questions about your company, product or services. To make it easy for your agents to access this information quickly and efficiently, we’ve built a new integration that connects ClickDesk with your current WordPress or Zendesk knowledge base. Once enabled, your agents will have access to your existing help center directly from the ClickDesk agent panel, making it easy to search the knowledge base while chatting with web visitors or answering tickets.

Knowledge Base Integration with ClickDesk Live Chat Software

Both integrations are easy to enable from the ClickDesk admin dashboard. Just login as an admin, then go to Settings > KB Integrations under the Live Chat menu (here’s a direct link).

WordPress Knowledge Base Integration

I’ve you’ve setup a knowledge base on your WordPress website, it’s easy to pull it into ClickDesk. Enter your WP name and domain. Or, if you’re using a separate WordPress subdomain for your knowledge base, enter that domain here. Save the WP profile details and the knowledge base will be automatically pulled into the ClickDesk agent panel. Note that this is a separate process from installing our live chat plugin for WordPress websites.

WordPress Knowledge Base Integration

Zendesk Knowledge Base Integration

Pulling your Zendesk knowledge base into ClickDesk is just as easy. Just enter your Zendesk credentials and check the box to enable knowledge base integration. Note that even if you’ve already integrated Zendesk ticketing with ClickDesk live chat¬†and helpdesk ticketing software, you’ll still need to enter your Zendesk credentials here to enable the integration with your help center and knowledge base, so the system knows to pull your help center into ClickDesk.

Zendesk Knowledge Base Integration

Our new knowledge base integrations are designed to increase agent happiness and customer happiness at the same time. Enjoy! And remember, agents have questions too!