Zapier Integration with ClickDesk

Companies around the world are using Zapier to automate actions between the apps that are essential to running their business, connecting with customers and staying organized. We’re excited to announce that our Zapier integration is now live. With ClickDesk on Zapier, you can automatically trigger all kinds of useful things, like adding a new live chat visitor to a mailing list or adding a note to a contact in your CRM when you open a new helpdesk ticket. The possibilities are endless when you integrate the ClickDesk app into your automated workflow!


Zapier integration is a bit different from our other plugins and integrations because it lets you connect ClickDesk with a ton of other apps, such as Agile CRM, Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, Dropbox and MailChimp. All you need is a ClickDesk account and a Zapier account, and you can easily start¬†setting up “zaps” to easily move data and automate tedious tasks. Our initial round of triggers for ClickDesk includes ‘New Call’ (triggers when a new call ends), ‘New Ticket’ (triggers when a new ticket is created) and ‘New Chat’ (trigger when a new live chat ends).


Our ¬†Zapier integration page contains detailed setup instructions, along with a list of some of our most popular zaps. You can also go directly to the ClickDesk page on Zapier to learn more about this popular and powerful new service. It’s integration to the nth degree.

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