Xero Integration

Xero is a smart and simple accounting and bookkeeping software used by more than 280,000 people worldwide. Aimed at small business, Xero is a streamlined way to manage invoicing, reconciliation, accounts payable, bookkeeping and related tasks.

xero-help-deskAt ClickDesk, we strive to provide you with the best tools and plugins to improve customer engagement. Our dynamic range of plugins already lets you see complete customer information from a variety of sources, from Zoho CRM to Zendesk, directly in the chat window when you need it most. Now you can do the same with Xero!

We’re excited to announce our powerful new Xero integration. Xero integration in ClickDesk lets you add contacts, view complete visitor information, and create invoices – all from inside your ClickDesk chat window.

Benefits of Xero integration in ClickDesk:

  • Complete invoice histories: View complete histories of customer invoices, automatically pulled from Xero.
  • Add new contacts: Automatically view known Xero contact profiles when a new visitor joins a chat. If they don’t have a Xero profile yet, add them as a new Xero contact from within the chat window!
  • Create invoices from live chat: Creating invoices is simpler with our Xero integration. Just type ‘/invoice item_code quantity’ in the live chat window to add an invoice to the customer account.
  • See known Xero profiles: When a new visitor with a Xero profile joins a chat, you’ll automatically receive a link to their Xero profile.

To combine the power of Xero and ClickDesk, you’ll need a Pro account with us. If you’re using FreshBooks to power invoicing and billing, check out our FreshBooks integration.