WordPress Plugins Can Enhance Your Website

If you use WordPress, then chances are you are familiar with plugins. But for those new to the world of online blogging and web content marketing or ecommerce retail, here’s what a plugin is – it’s an optional tool (pieces of code if you will) that helps increase or extend the functionality of your website.

Plugins are best known for their ability to enable web browsers to play videos, scan for viruses, display file types, and offer live chat options. Examples for wordpress plugins include All in one SEO plugin, Akismet, and our very own ClickDesk’s WordPress live chat plugin.

WordPress is known for its amazing range of plugins; some available for free, others which can be purchased. You can source them from the main site itself, and in fact, depending on the WordPress theme you select, you will have a number of plugins installed by default.

WordPress plugins help you to modify and customize your site, and since installing them is easy, you can be up and running with a tailor-made page or site, quicker than you would have imagined.

Let’s take an ecommerce website as an example. The client has a number of products he sells online, and thanks to heavy traffic, he now sees the need to install a live chat feature that would let his representatives speak to customers in real time. So he turns to a service like the one ClickDesk offers. In fact, besides being known as the fastest live-chat service, ClickDesk also lets visitors call the business directly from their browser or from a local access number.

To install the WordPress live chat plugin, all the business has to do is the following:

  • Install and activate the plugin
  • Add operator
  • Create a department and assign this operator
  • Click on “Install Plugin” to see ClickDesk live on his website

With it being so easy, no wonder ClickDesk’s live chat plugin has been named one of the ‘Top 10 Most useful WordPress Plugins 2011’ and has seen over 12,000 downloads in less than five months. When it comes to downloads, it’s the fastest growing plugin in the live chat category.

If you are considering a live chat plugin, then here’s what else you need to know before making a decision:

  • Your live chat needs to enhance customer support, which it can do in a number of ways, including through instant messaging.
  • You should be able to operate via internet messengers like Skype or Google talk and on your computer and mobile, so that customers have the opportunity to talk to you when and how they choose to.
  • You should explore services that let your business grow, such as Push2Call, which enables your customer to reach your business via a local access number created specially for this purpose.

Dream up your website, and plugins for WordPress can let you do anything you can virtually imagine. They are small, easy to install, and powerful marketing and customer service tools that can help you grow your sales and increase your visibility from the moment they are installed.