Why did ClickDesk choose Twitter Bootstrap?

The launch of our new Help desk feature has brought about some tweaks to the look of ClickDesk.com. While the website looks vibrant and classy as ever, it’s time to thank the backbone of the website – Twitter Bootstrap. We adopted the framework developed by Twitter employees Mark Otto and Jacob Thorton for the simple fact that there is so much emphasis on minimalism and efficiency.

Bootstrap twitter clickdesk

In a start-up ecosystem, time and money are like gold dust, Bootstrap saved us both. The implementation was a breeze and it allowed for functionality that would have otherwise taken us months to design. The sense of community also deserves a mention – Bootstrap is open sourced on GitHub and allows anyone to contribute to the platform; crowd sourcing at its very best. The community has also made sure that there is plenty of documentation in terms of tutorials, manuals etc, which makes adoption a lot easier.

From a design perspective, the free additional CSS styles such as animated buttons, icons, static navigation bars, and image thumbnails make our website look neat and uncluttered. The responsive layout, which allows websites to modify their CSS in response to width of the user’s browser, is a killer feature. The feature makes sure that the website conforms for you to get the optimal look and feel, based on the gadget you’re using.

We’re definitely heading towards a time when every start-up website is built on Bootstrap.

In short, we heart Twitter Bootstrap – so should you.

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