Why Amazon’s new “Mayday” button is a game changer

A few months back, Amazon announced that its new Kindle Fire HDX tablets include a “Mayday” button that allows users one-click access to video chat with a customer support representative. Basically, when you click the button, a tech advisor pops up on your screen (you can see them but they can’t see you) and is able to show you how to do or fix things, directly on your device. Amazon’s new feature is closely tied to our beliefs and outlook here at ClickDesk, and since we recently implemented a free video chat feature for all of our users, we wanted to take a look at why the Mayday feature is a real game changer.

John Biggs, East Coast editor of TechCrunch (and one of our favorite tech bloggers), highlighted the Mayday button not as yet another gimmick from the online retail giant, but as an “amazingly useful” new feature. We couldn’t agree more. It isn’t just the video element that’s a game changer, but the fact that the Mayday button offers a one-click solution that keeps users connected for free. It’s all about streamlining the user experience. It’s clear that Amazon’s goal is to replicate best-in-class in-person customer service that has made leading tech retailers like Apple stores rise above the competition, and with the Mayday button they are adding to the power of in-person customer service by allowing you to connect instantly, wherever you are, 24/7, 365 days a year, without any need for additional hardware or software. These are the same phenomenal benefits you can offer any of your customers with ClickDesk’s new, free video chat feature.

There has been some discussion lately about how to keep customer satisfaction high in the face of expectations that sometimes rise faster than new technologies can meet (and exceed) them. The solution is offering cross-platform options so that customers can contact you in whatever way is best for them (best = convenient + useful). With voice, text and video chat, plus a social toolbar, ClickDesk is here to help. When you do implement ClickDesk’s powerful new in-browser video chat feature, it’s a good idea to share Amazon’s goal of a 15-second response time, and to note their plans to have more agents on call during busy periods. Make sure to map out significant shopping times for holidays that relate to your business, and be ready to video chat when customers will most appreciate it!