We help you prioritize your chats!

Lynda, a super smart customer associate was busy with 4 simultaneous chats and one of the live chats was with a premier client. She also had another huge potential lead in live chat and was eager to close the sale. She had put one of them on hold while checking records and tracking their accounts.

multitask office assistant

It took her more than few minutes and boom! The chat ended due to 10minutes inactivity.

Does this story sound familiar? Wouldn’t it be great if you are reminded every time about a soon-to-be-closed chat session?

live chat system alert

Welcome our new live chat system alerts. We alert you twice, before 2 minutes and 1 minute a chat can get closed due to inactivity. You also get a desktop notification if you are using our new web chat and a sound alert of the same.

Never let a chat end abruptly due to inactivity while you are taking simultaneous chats and multitasking.