Visitor Path in Agent Panel

As a sales agent, have you ever wished for a more complete understanding of your customers and leads? Of course you have! It’s no secret that more precise information about your contacts means better solutions and more closed sales, but in the hectic online marketplace, a complete customer view can seem like something that only exists in dreams. Luckily for ClickDesk agents around the world, we like to turn dreams into reality. A number of ClickDesk operators have expressed the desire for a more complete view of their contacts and web visitors, and we’re excited to have created a new solution.

We’ve enhanced our agent panel to show the complete visitor path for the customers you’re chatting with. Before you even initiate a chat, you’ll now automatically see exactly which pages the visitor has been browsing, how they navigated through them, and which information on your website held their interest. Agents can make use of this valuable information to address the customer needs quickly and precisely. Customers get better support. Agents make quicker sales and resolve issues more smoothly. It’s a win-win.

This new visitor path feature is the first major update to our totally revamped live chat interface. We’ve been hearing great feedback about the streamlined interface and basic visitor info, such as geographical location, name, email, browser and transcripts of previous chats. The visitor path feature is a natural next step in creating a more complete picture of your web visitors.

We recommend adopting this new feature along with increased attention to our analytics and reporting tools, such as the agent activity monitor and coach, to help your customer success team be as productive as possible with the increased visitor info.

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