Visitor Info in Proactive Chats

Proactive chats make it easy to engage customers and increase sales. After surveying our live chat customers about what would help proactive chats be even more productive, we’ve enhanced our proactive chat functionality to let you collect customer details such as name and email before the support session begins. This is helpful for both online chats and offline messages, as you’ll have more info about visitors and be able to provide quicker, more personalized support.

Customer Info for Proactive Chats

The new customer info feature is easy to activate in your ClickDesk account. Just log in to the admin panel, then go to Live Chat > Forms & Localization > Online Forms (here’s a direct link to the Forms & Localization menu ;). 

Proactive Chat Field Label Setup

If you mark the ‘Required’ checkbox, the web visitor will be required to provide the requested information before a support session can be initiated or a ticket/offline message can be sent. Feel free to customize the Field Label to fit your business – ‘Name’ and ‘Email’ are the most common and useful labels here, but if you’re running a veterinary service, for example, then perhaps you’d want to include a field for ‘Pet’s Name’ or ‘Type of Animal’ :)

Once you’ve completed the Online Form settings, you’ll need to open the Offline Form tab and change the same settings as you changed for your online form. We highly recommend marking all fields as required in the Offline Form. Your helpdesk agents will thank you, as they’ll have a much clearer picture of customer issues.

Proactive chats are just one of hundreds of ways that ClickDesk increases customer and agent happiness in equal measure. Check out our awesome feature set today.