User Alias Feature – Add multiple admins to your ClickDesk account

Once an email address is used for account registration and has been verified, it cannot be changed for security reasons. However, we received some customer requests asking the possibility to change the account email. We heard your comments and feedback. Our answer? The User Alias Feature. This will let you add more than one primary email address to your ClickDesk account.

Primary ClickDesk account owners can now permit two (2) more users (three in total, including the primary account holder) to access and manage the account.

How to add a user alias:

Add Multiple Admin


1. Log in to your ClickDesk account and go to Admin Settings.
2. Choose the “Manage Users” tab. You can then add up to two additional email addresses (users).

Quick word of caution:
Any account changes and settings made by the authorized users will be permanent and settings will take effect immediately on the account. Furthermore, please note that all authorized users access the ClickDesk account using the same password. We recommend the primary user to be extra careful in granting access to additional account users.