Twitter API v1 is retired. ClickDesk now uses API v1.1

Twitter pulled the plug on their API v1 version making many applications relying on that version go non functional. We updated to the latest v1.1 twitter API immediately and here’s a note on how you can set up Twitter tab on the ClickDesk’s social toolbar.


Twitter API v1 retired

This threw an error on our social tab and how did we tell our customers that we were working on this? Through a tweet :)




And we fixed it!





For the social toolbar to work, the new version of the API will allow us to post your timeline only if you permit us to do. Please login to your dashboard, go to ‘Social’ page and authorize our app by clicking on the ‘Grant Access’ link.

Twitter api setup guide

And that makes your twitter tab work on the ClicKDesk live chat window on your website.

New Twitter API

Please write to support at if you have any questions or need any assistance with the setup. Happy to help!