Troubleshoot: Live Chat appears offline on website

We noticed that few of our ClickDesk live chat customers are skipping the step to verify their IM (Gtalk/Skype). This causes the live chat on their website to stay offline. Here is how you can get it resolved and start receiving live chats and calls directly from your website.

ClickDesk Troubleshoot

Accept our bot requests on your IM

After adding the operator in the dashboard, you need to accept the contact requests you get in your Gtalk or Skype id that you entered for the operator to receive chats. Once these are accepted, ClickDesk automatically appears online on the website.

I didn’t receive any bot contact requests.gtalk contacts

For some reason, if you did not receive the contact requests to your IM from our bots, you need to add them manually.


Add the above contacts and and then send an instant message /ClickDesk to livechat1



Add the above contacts and and then send an instant message ClickDesk to getlivechat1
This adds your Skype id to our system and auto alerts the ClickDesk chat window on your siteabout your presence (online/offline).

Once these steps are completed you can find the live chat box appear online on your website and you can start receiving live chat on your IM. The status in your dashboard also changes from ‘Pending Verification’ to online/offline.

Stay “Available” on your IM

One more reason why the live chat stays offline even when you are logged into your IM could be because of your IM status. In either Gtalk or Skype, you need to be in “Available” (Green) mode to receive chats. If you are away, busy, invisible, ClickDesk appears offline. You can instantly change the online/offline mode of live chat on your website by simply changing the status on your IM.

It still shows offline

Even after confirming that you have our bots added in your instant messenger and you stay in available status in your IM, if the ClickDesk live help tool still show offline on your website, please write to support at clickdesk dot com