Top 3 Productivity Hacks with Live Chat Apps

Live chat is the fastest way to provide customer service and resolve customer issues, often before they’ve even arisen. But how do you improve agent productivity while using live chat apps? ClickDesk’s customers are growth hackers always looking for ways to be more efficient and effective, so we asked around: which ClickDesk features are agents using as productivity hacks? Then we checked in with our own support team and compared answers. Here’s our list of the top 3 productivity hacks with live chat apps.

Live Chat Productivity Hacks

3. Tile Chat for Online/Offline Multi-tasking: Tile chat might be our newest feature, but agents in the know are already taking advantage of the multi-tasking productivity hack. Tile chat lets you handle live chats (online, realtime chat) while answering helpdesk tickets (offline communications, otherwise known as an email help desk). In other words, you can take advantage of both of our big core features, at the same time.

Tile Chat Productivity Hack for Multi-Tasking

It’s a simple trick but very effective because you can focus on what’s actually happening know, rather than trying to predict it! Here’s how to set up tile chat with just a few clicks.

2. Shortcuts for Automated Actions: Shortcuts rock. Don’t underestimate shortcuts in live chat apps! Some agents have an aversion to using shortcuts for canned (pre-written) messages because they’re afraid these messages might feel, well, canned. But since you can customize shortcuts, you can put them in your own voice and make sure detailed help responses are always correct. It’s a huge time-saver. You can even use shortcuts in forced chats now.

Live Chat Shortcuts Save Time

You can also use shortcuts for automation tricks, including actions such as adding new contacts directly to your CRM.

1. Proactive Chat for Automated Conversions: The ultimate productivity hack: don’t wait for customers to ping you! Proactively engage your web visitors with proactive messages tied to web visitor behavior on your site. Show perfectly timed, relevant messages to increase conversion rates and filter leads. It’s the easiest productivity hack in live chat apps, and also the most effective. Plus, as your support team gets to know the inner workings of proactive chat, they can optimize it for even better ROI. The sky’s the limit!

Proactive Live Chat Productivity Hack

If you’re a ClickDesk user with a free or paid account, we hope these hacks make you even more productive. If you haven’t added live chat to your site yet, why not start today? It only takes a few minutes to set up, and you can answer chats in a number of different ways from all of your digital devices.

Maybe that’s the ultimate productivity hack: adding real-time support to your site in the first place! It might sound like it would be a burden if you’re a small business, but the improvements in sales and customer happiness say otherwise :)