Time-based Automations in ClickDesk’s Help Desk

As a business owner, you know that it’s critical to close tickets in a timely manner and make sure that customer questions are answered to their satisfaction. But as your business grows and ticket volume increases, how do you keep track of tickets that have been open for too long, or those cases where you never heard back from a customer? Our new time-based helpdesk automations let you add time frames to automated actions, streamlining the support process and helping you to stay on top of tickets like never before.


ClickDesk’s help desk automation feature lets you automate actions such as sending emails or IM notifications or changing a ticket’s status automatically, based on conditions you set from the admin panel. For example, a basic automation is to send an email to a customer who has submitted a new ticket confirming receipt of the ticket and outlining your company’s helpdesk policies.

We have now enhanced this useful feature to include time-based conditions, so you can now add a time frame to your automation criteria. For example, you can have the system automatically close tickets if customers have not responded back after 48 hours, or escalate a ticket to a manager when an agent has not answered that ticket within 24 hours.

For a complete list of time-based conditions, sign into your admin panel and go to https://my.clickdesk.com/#automations. The conditions can be set in terms of hours or days.

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