The Advantages of Proactive Chat Invitations

A proactive chat allows you to invite customers to chat with you when they visit your webpage. It’s an awesome widget that you can install on your website, and which acts as a strong marketing tool to draw your customers or potential customers into spending more time on your site.

The invitation should be subtle, but leading; custom-designed messages like “Questions? I’m available for a chat!” or “Hi, thanks for visiting. How may I assist you today?” can get the ball rolling.

Proactive chats can work against you if not installed correctly. A constant popup can be come annoying if the visitor simply wants to browse the site. This is why it’s important to follow best practices when installing it on your website.

proactive chat advantages For smaller websites, you might want to create your chats manually. For larger companies with websites having a bigger traffic footprint, you can base your chat rules around pre determined metrics that your typical visitor might display. That can include their behavior on the site, the keywords they use to find your site, and their demographics.

According to an E-retailing Group Study, live chat is on the rise in the US, with 58% of US consumers saying they have interacted with a merchant using live chat. So it stand store as on that live chat-reactive or proactive – is something every online retailer or customer service department should consider.

Proactive chat in particular has multiple benefits:

It allows the customer to ask a question before and during a purchase: If customers cannot find what they are looking for, or if they are confused about purchase or shipping policies, they may abandon the shopping cart. This can be rectified by giving them the option to speak to someone.

It is more encouraging than telephone lines: While most companies will have a customer service dedicated phone line, website visitors are more likely to use proactive chat rather than pickup the phone and make a call. This also helps you avoid the long wait and slow response times of phone support.

It can help you up sell: Once you chat with a client, you will have the opportunity to discuss their needs and a chance to make recommendations, including upgraded services and multiple products.

It can reduce customer service costs: While ecommerce stores are familiar with the cost benefits associated with live chats, often proactive chat cost efficiencies are ignored. Actually, proactive chat can be a cost-effective way to solve an issue immediately and defers the need for further customer service support.

Before you consider installing proactive chat on your website, you need to consider how it will fit into your operational structure and how you will measure its success rate. Most vendors will be able to guide you in this, and you can also ask for packages that will allow you to implement all your live chat needs under a single umbrella.