The A-Z guide for Proactive Chat Messages

Proactive chats are automatic popup messages that get triggered based on the rules you setup. You can setup proactive chat rules depending on the type of visitor, page being browsed on your website, time spent on a page, location and referral path of the visitor.

Proactive Chat

Proactive trigger rules are preconfigured in the ClickDesk dashboard and when these rule conditions are met, the chat popups automatically trigger. Besides giving a personal touch to the customer on the website these proactive live chat rules help better user engagement on the website leading to more conversions.


How to setup proactive chats?

Please login to your dashboard, click on “Live Chat” on the top menu bar and go to “Proactive Triggers” tab to setup proactive rules for your website.

Enter the URL of the page on which you want the proactive chat to be triggered. This can be your complete webpage URL or you can enter a keyword here and the proactive chat gets triggered on any URL matching this word.

e.g: http://*pricing* matches all pages which contain pricing keyword

e.g: http://* matches all pages

If you have setup two proactive rules that conflict with each other, only one of  them works. If you are setting up multiple proactive rules on your website, we suggest you to be cautious about using keyword based rules in the URL. Enter full URL of the webpages for the proactive chats to function smoothly.


Proactive live chat triggers setup


You need to enter your ‘welcome message’ to be shown on the popup chat window and set it to automatically popup after a ‘wait time’. If you can also choose if it needs to alert the visitor with a sound or silently popup depending on if the visitor is first time visitor or a returning visitor.

The advanced options allow you to set proactive triggers based on how frequently to want the chat to be triggered, the country of the visitor and the referral URL.

For e.g: You can invite a visitor from France coming through an affiliate website link with a different welcome message.


Things to note:

  • Proactive chats work only when any of the agents is available online.
  • You cannot collect pre-chat info such as name and email of the customer for a proactive live chat. If getting this information is important for you before a chat connection, you need to make these both fields mandatory and delete any existing proactive triggers.
  • Do not setup multiple proactive rules for a single page.


Why should I setup proactive live chat triggers?

  • Surprise the visitor with targeted messages based on their geography or browsing behaviour
  • Get more leads and convert them to your customers
  • Receive more chats, provide great answers and increase sales
  • Intelligently target visitors based on browsing pattern. e.g: Someone spending time on a checkout page or shipping info is more likely to purchase immediately than someone browsing through your web gallery.


Some examples of good proactive chat welcome messages

  • How are you planning to welcome the monsoons? Browse our latest arrival for the season <link>
  • Howdy! Pick these cool blue shoes and use <coupon> to get 10% off.
  • Thanks for returning back. How can I help you?