Sweeten Your ClickDesk Deal with Sugar CRM

Since its launch, ClickDesk has proved time and time again that it loves to offer its customers a sweet deal. One such goody is its integration with Sugar CRM.

What do you do when you want to boost sales, motivate customers, grow leads, and yes, save money? You check out an option like ClickDesk’s integration with various CRM’s. We’ve already sung Zoho and HighRise’s praises; now it’s time to ice the cake with Sugar CRM.

Like the other CRM’s Sugar is an easy to use, open sourced, web-based solution that helps your business and customer service grow. It’s been praised by small and mid sized companies, as well as large organizations.

It’s a feature rich application that offers simple and advanced features. At ClickDesk, we quickly adopted Sugar because of its following abilities:

  • You can sign on to use it directly from your ClickDesk account.
  • You do not need to install any software.
  • You can view profiles, update leads, and add notes in real time.
  • You can add post transcript notes which get saved for future reference.

To sign up from ClickDesk is simple – create an account or log on to your current account.

  • Login to your dashboard
  • Confirm your operator IM ID
  • Click on the ‘copy code to your sign’ button and then copy and paste the code according to the directions provided.
  • In your ClickDesk dashboard, access Plugins and scroll down to Sugar. Enter in your Sugar username, password, and URL.

Getting active takes minutes and once done, your can now chat with your customer in a more efficient and proactive manner. ClickDesk’s SugarCRM live chat integration has done well as both applications offer flexible and cost effective solutions. It is so easy to use; you can train your operators in minutes. In fact, very often the success of your sales will depend not so much on the operators you use, but on the software your company indulges in. By combining ClickDesk with Sugar CRM, you are definitely getting the best of both worlds.

No matter your volume or scope of business, or even the industry your business is in, you will definitely want to learn more about what ClickDesk and Sugar CRM solutions can do for you.