Setup ClickDesk on Joomla

We recently released a Joomla chat extension to make the setup process of ClickDesk more simple for Joomla website users. The Joomla chat extension can be downloaded from here. Installing of Joomla live chat extension is a one click process and the complete account setup (which takes no more than 2minutes) can be done directly from your Joomla administrator panel.

This post shall explain the configuration of ClickDesk extension on your Joomla site along with the help of a video and few screenshots.

Download Extension (Direct download)

The Joomla live chat extension comes with a component and a plugin bundled. Both get installed automatically once this extension zip file is uploaded.

Here are the instructions and screenshots explaining the process of setting up the live chat on your Joomla website.

1. Download the extension file and upload it to your Extensions manager from your Joomla administrative panel

2. After successful installation, click on Components -> ClickDesk. Please wait for the complete webpage to load

3. Create an account (if you do not have one), verify your email and login

4. Click on “Add Operator” -> Enter the operator details (Name, Gtalk/Skype ID etc.)

5. Click on “Install Plugin” -> Add the operator to a new department and click on “Install Plugin”. You will see that the plugin got install successfully and the widget ID field automatically filled.

6. Now, go to Plugins section and search for ‘clickdesk’. Enable the Joomla chat plugin to find ClickDesk appear on your website!