Video: Setup ClickDesk Live Chat WordPress Plugin

We recently released a live chat plugin and thank you all for the overwhelming response and support. Now, hundreds of sites that run on wordpress are able to provide live help to site visitors. Through this blog post, I wanted to show you how easy it is to install the WordPress live chat plugin and configure it to setup the live chat software on wordpress.

1. Search, Install and Activate the plugin
2. Navigate to the ‘ClickDesk live chat’ tab from your sidebar in dashboard
3. Signup
4. Verify your email and login back from the WP dashboard
5. Add operator and Department
6. Click “Install plugin”

Voila! ClickDesk now appears on your wordpress site. There’s no software to install to run this live chat and not even copy&paste process.
Activate plugin – > Signup/Login -> Add operator and department -> Install code

Please make sure that you click on the 2. Install Plugin after adding department and then click the Install Plugin link to get the code automatically inserted in your wordpress blog.
Update: Setup Video
Download and Install
Download ClickDesk wordpress live chat plugin and install it.
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WordPress Chat Plugin Information and Download: