See visitors on a real-time map & Invite them to live chat

Some of our competition says “It take balls to do this.” But no. All it takes is love. Love for the work you do – to constantly outreach the bar you have setup to thrill your customers. Introducing real time map to track visitor during live chat.


Real time map

After the webchat for agents feature release, this is the next big thing we have cooked up at ClickDesk. Agents can now view all the visitors on a real-time World map and click on any pin to view details of that visitor and initiate a chat instantly, right from the browser!

Cherry pick a visitor and invite to chat with you on your website. It’s easier now to pre-qualify leads and spend your best time in converting them to your customers.


What does this real time map show?

– The pins represent each unique visitor currently browsing your website. These auto update in real-time when a new visitors come and go. Goodbye to page reloads.

– On clicking on any pin, you get little window with all visitor details – Name and email (if present for returning visitors), page being browsed, URL path, location and other details (OS, browser, IP address) of the visitor.

– You can click “Initiate Chat” button and invite that particular visitor to chat with you. A chat window pops up on your website for that visitor.

– Once a visitor accepts the chat request sent, you can see details pulled from other integrations if you have setup any. You can even choose to transfer a chat or ban the visitor from initiating further chats.

– Visitors already active on a chat with an agent are marked with green color pins on the map.


Is this same as Google Analytics?

This is not a replacement to analytics code provided by services such as Google Analytics or Clicky. While these services have a complete record of the entire visitors data, ClickDesk only shows real-time visitor info on a World Map for the agents logged in. You’d still need to continue using your analytics code for detailed statistics.


How do I active this?

Good news! It’s available for all our users. Login to your agent’s panel to see your visitors map right away. If you do not have an account or do not know your agent’s web panel, please signup/login at ClickDesk. See our getting started with live chat guide for 2 minute setup process.

Pro Tip:

Do you have limited resources to manage your live chat support but still love to provide stellar support? Try our proactive chat rules – setup custom welcome messages that auto popup depending on the type of visitor, page being browsed and time spent.

The combination of this agent initiated chats through the real time map and pro active rules works miraculously to improve sales.


Update: We are rolling out “list view” (besides map view). You can now see online visitors in a list and initiate chat directly.