See Online Agents

With everything from a live chats map to visitor details and video and voice chat options, the ClickDesk agent dashboard is the ultimate home base for your live support agents, so it makes sense that when you log in as an agent, you want to have a real-time view of online agents. You want to quickly know which other agents are also logged in and either already taking chats or available to take chats. We’re excited to announce the launch of a feature in the agent dashboard that gives you instant access to this information. It’s especially useful when you want to transfer chats or you need to take a break. Plus, ClickDesk’s family is a global one. Many of our happy customers have remotely distributed teams, so this new Online Agents feature helps to create a sense of community and keep your awesome support staff plugged in.

Go to agent panel to see online live chat agents

To see which agents are online, log into the Agent Dashboard and click on Online Agents from the drop-down menu on the upper right (accessed from your login email). You’ll then see all of your company’s agents currently logged into the system, along with where they’re logged in (agent dashboard, mobile app, Google Talk, Skype). The system will also automatically show you the number of each agent’s active chats and active calls (if any).

List of Online Agents

If you’re using a variety of departments to manage sales, support and more in ClickDesk, you can filter by department to see which agents are online in your department. You can also check out what’s going in with other departments.

Online Agents by Department

By the way, if you’re enjoying the new ClickDesk live chat mobile app, you can check agent status from your Android device. Just click on the Agents tab and look for the green dot indicating that an agent is online.

Thanks for using ClickDesk to improve customer happiness!